Your Back to School Curly Hair Essentials Checklist
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Back to school season is in full effect! My daughter is headed to Kindergarten this year. A new journey for us both! Do you have kids heading back to school or even college? I know you are probably shopping for all of the back to school supplies but did you make sure to add the hair supplies that you will need too? Make sure you have all the hair essentials you need so that you and your kids and even college kids have a good hair year! Here are a few items that should be on your hair must-have list for back to school season.

Ouchless Hair Ties

Hair ties are the life of the party. I know that I am always searching for some that won’t tear my daughter’s hair out. Ouchless bands are the best because they are not made with the metal clasp that has a history of tearing out hair! They are very affordable and can be found almost anywhere. I love the Goody Ouchless brand

Satin Pillowcase or Bonnet

We can’t forget about the satin pillowcases or bonnets. You should always be protecting your hair at night. So if you have a college kid it’s crucial that you send them to school with one of these. I just bought my daughter a new bonnet for the school year. I need to make sure her hair is always protected at night. 

Bobby Pins

Why does it seem like we always lose bobby pins!? Make sure to stock up on those bobby pins for all the super cute back to school hairstyles!

Shower Caps

This is especially important for college kids. Make sure that you have a shower cap handy at all times. Nothing worse than having to take a shower without one praying that your hair does not get wet. 

Satin Scarf

A satin scarf is great for holding that slick puff in place. Or even to protect your hair while you put your clothes on. It’s always great to have one handy, especially for kids and toddlers. It’s a hassle messing up their hair putting shirts on. All your hard work will go to waste. Trust me and invest in a satin tie scarf. 

Small Edge Brush

We all know that the edges are super important. I use a toothbrush or small brush to lay my daughter’s edges down. This is a must-have tool for back to school hair. 

Detangling Brush

You should always have a detangling tool handy. I love using a good detangling brush to detangle my daughter’s hair. Don’t start the school year without one! It will be your lifesaver. 

Storage Containers

After purchasing all of the amazing back to school hair essentials you will need someplace to store all of your hair products. Now is the perfect time to hit up some of your favorite stores for organization containers for all of your hair supplies. 


Last but certainly not least a good diffuser is always a good idea to have at your convenience. Let’s face it, sometimes those wash and go’s don’t dry in time for class. Make sure you have a good diffuser handy to keep those curls popping.

With all the amazing essentials, make sure you also have great hair products as well. But we know that back to school time can be expensive so here are 5 budget-friendly hair products under $15 for you as well! 

5 Budget Products Under $15

Eco Styler Gel

This is a must-have in your hair product essentials for back to school. It’s great for slicking puffs, and buns, and wash and go’s. I love the Olive Oil Eco Styler.

Leave-In Conditioner

A good leave-in conditioner in your stash will make a difference. You can use leave in to refresh your hair but it is also great for after you’ve washed and deep conditioned your hair. It should be your first step to styling. One of my favorite leave-in conditioners is Jane Carter Revitalizing leave-in Conditioner. It’s super lightweight and moisturizing.

Good Moisturizing Shampoo

You should have a good shampoo in the stash. I love Mielle Organics Babassu shampoo. You may be doing your kids hair a ton this school year, or if you are going back to college changing hairstyles like clothes. It’s good to have a shampoo that helps to remove all buildup.

Deep Conditioner

Make sure you are always keeping the hair deep conditioned. A good deep conditioner to have is Mielle Organics Babassu & Mint Deep Conditioner. It has a good protein and moisture balance that your hair needs.

Edge Control

Edge control is a must-have. I love Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Extra Hold. It will hold your styles in place for the entire day. 

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Happy Back To School Season!

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