5 Things That Inspire Shawn West’s Nail Art


Check out the inspiration behind all of Shawn West's (@thenailbender) beautiful, intricate and abstract nail art.
Check out the inspiration behind all of Shawn West’s (@thenailbender) beautiful, intricate and abstract nail art.
Courtesy of Shawn West

Check out the inspiration behind all of Shawn West's beautiful, intricate and abstract nail art.

My name is Shawn West (@thenailbender), and I’m a nail artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ve been in the industry for 10 years now, starting at the age of 19. I didn't start doing designs until after four years in the industry, and I fell in love. I specialize in hand paint abstract, cartoons, characters, etc. I  have a strong, talented team behind me that has definitely pushed me to a different level.

1. My Family

My family is my main motivation in life to become somebody. I want to be able to inspire and help others. Every day I leave the house in morning knowing there’s a purpose. The grind is more meaningful.

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2. My Team

We have the best team in Michigan, period. You will never see this many talented artist under one roof. Working alongside of these folks has changed my life. They are my second family. We push each other to the our limits with friendly competition.

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3. My Wife

Believe or it not, a lot of the art in the beginning of my career was inspired by my wife. She gave a lot of nail ideas and reel songs for my content. I remember, we both were like little kids excited on my views and likes on my social media. I am blessed to have her supporting me 200% since day one.

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4. Teaching

We started the Top Tier Academy in 2022, and with that, my career expanded to the education world. That’s when I found my purpose in life for not just do nails but to break down, teach and inspire others.

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5. My Daughter

My daughter activated me into a whole different beast. She made me step way outside of my comfort zone. In 2024, I started my mini tour in the United States as a NDS educator with my fellow teammates.

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