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  • Are you a business owner looking to hire an employee for a critical role in your organization?
  • Do you want to replace an employee or want to hire for a brand new position?
  • Are you a foreign company interested in hiring Kenyan staff and want a local expert to assist?
  • Are you a manager keen on hiring a great employee who will contribute significantly to the team?
  • Is there a position you’ve been hiring for without much success? You cant get the right employee or employees keep leaving. 
  • Are you frustrated with hiring employees who perform very well during interviews but don’t deliver on the job?
  • Have you tried other hiring methods and recruiters that have disappointed you?
  • Are you frustrated with the quality of employees in your team and are wondering where to get vetted employees who can perform to your expectations?
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If Your Answer To Any Of the Question(s) above Is A Yes, We Have A Solution For You.

Over the years, we have helped many companies and foreign firms looking to set up in East Africa recruit employees who have the necessary qualifications, skills, attitude, and ability to deliver. Employees that are a perfect match for our client business. 

As a leading recruitment firm in across Uganda, Kenya & Rwanda, we offer our recruitment expertise to top  companies in the region and foreign firms. We have recruited mid-level, top management, and senior executive professionals and helping our clients business to succeed.

Our Promise: A Great Employee Who Can Transform Your Department & Business.

When you think about recruitment, think beyond the empty seat/vacancy you’re looking to fill and the ‘process’ of putting an employee in that seat.

Think about recruitment as an opportunity to change things or do things differently for the better. Every recruitment & hiring moment is an opportunity to upgrade your department or organization — to change, and improve your team. We can help you transform your business by recruiting the right employee.

Recruitment Guarantees.

Some of the questions that clients ask us:

  1. What if you don’t understand our business or can’t find quality employees? We have a deep understanding of the East African labour market. And we have experience recruiting for various industries for local and international firms. Our database has hundreds of thousands of registered professionals in the region.
  2. What if the staff we hire through your recruitment firm doesn’t work out? We ensure that we get it right the first time — we don’t believe in wasting your time. But in recruitment we are dealing with people, and occasionally things don’t go according to plan. If that happens, you will get a 3- 6 months guarantee (during their probation period). If the employee is not meeting your performance requirements or leaves, we shall provide a replacement by recruiting another staff free of charge for you. Since our establishment, the average period a candidate stays with our client is 5-6 years. 

How It Works.

When you fill in the form below, our client service manager will get in touch for a brief chat to:

  1. Understand in detail the position you want to fill
  2. Get the top qualifications and qualities you seek in an ideal employee,
  3. Understand your organizational culture, how you like things done, and how the position fits within your department/organization / the bigger picture.

This is a brief chat, and the meeting can be online or at your office or you can visit us

The more we know about your organization and the employee you want to hire, the easier and faster it will be for us to recruit the right employee for you.

Remember, an employee can make or break your business. It pays to invest time and get it right the first time. That is why we don’t just send CVs without an in-depth discussion first.

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Please provide us with your details in the form below, and our client service manager will get in touch to discuss how we shall recruit for you the right employee. We guarantee a fast response after receiving your details. 

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