Staff Outsourcing In Uganda, Kenya & Rwanda

Are you looking to hire a Ugandan, Kenyan, Rwandan national or an expatriate and don’t have a local office? We offer employee outsourcing service to local and foreign companies where we take charge of all employee and HR tasks on behalf of the organization.  The outsourced staff is seconded to the client.

What our staff outsourcing service entails:

With our comprehensive staff outsourcing service, our package includes the following.

  1. Issue contracts on your behalf: We recruit (where need be) and issue your employees with a contract under our name. Under this service, we will also process their salary, file taxes and manage all statutory requirements.
  2. Manage administrative & operational tasks. Whether it’s the medical cover, travel arrangements, insurance – we advise and handle this on your behalf so you can concentrate on your business.
  3. Payroll processing: We understand the complexities of each country’s local taxes and the filing of statutory returns. we also offer payroll management. More about our payroll processing services.
  4. Advice on labour Laws: As your local representative we shall advise and keep you updated on all labour requirements and other pertinent legislation.

We can also customize the service to suit your unique needs.

Oasis Hr

Next Step?

In order for us to understand your organization, we propose a free consultation meeting or a call. Please fill in your details in the form below and our client service manager will get in touch after receiving your details. Remember to indicate your mobile number. You are also free to propose a one–on–one meeting. We guarantee you a prompt response.

Sampled Client Feedback:

When we were looking to expand our business in Africa, we knew the importance of testing the market.

After identifying a potential candidate for the regional role, we approached Corporate Staffing for staff outsourcing. We were delighted with the manner they executed our request and satisfactorily answered.

all our questions and provided tons of advice. They issued the staff with a contract, arranged for insurance, travel, and gave the support that we needed. It’s been 16 months now, and we are currently looking to open our first office in the Sub-Saharan Africa;Kampala within six months. Oasis HR has truly been a key partner. It’s been great working with them.

CodiverTech-Digital Company, Poland