HR Consultancy Service In Uganda, Kenya & Rwanda

*Expert HR support for your business*

As a business owner or manager when you have a problem or need some expert HR advice, we know having someone you trust on the other end of the phone makes all the difference.

Being able to speak with a friendly qualified HR consultant about issues with your workforce, how to approach a dismissal, disciplinary or redundancy can be a daunting task to do on your own.

Talk to us today if you are searching for HR services in any of the following areas:

  1. Employment law advice.  Not sure whether the decision you are making is legally sound. We can advise you.
  2. Organisational restructuring or carrying out redundancies. How to let workers go in a legal and ethical way. 
  3. Coming up with HR policies, procedures and organizational structure for improved efficiency. 
  4. Developing job descriptions, KPIs. Are you getting the best or value for money from your workforce?
  5. Performance evaluation system. Implementing manpower evaluation for optimal personnel productivity. 
  6. Training and development. Whether it improving your sales group, leadership or even morale building sessions. 

Think of us as your in-house HR expert. We offer HR advisory as a one-off project, or on a monthly retainer.  Fill the document below so that we may have a discussion. 


Next Step?

In order for us to understand your organisation and the HR consultancy service you are seeking, we propose a complimentary  dialogue or a call.

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Sampled Client Feedback:

The hospitality sector can be demanding at times. Companies like ours face an array of challenges on a regular basis – however, thanks to the experienced Corporate Staffing, leading HR Consultants in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda, wage earners issues are not a burden for me anymore. Whether it is a new Contract of occupation, information regarding employee accomplishment or simply reassurance or guidance, HR is not something that I have to spend time worrying about.
Oasis HR promptly guides me through any Human Resource queries whenever they arise. Having access to HR specialists gives me great peace of mind

Angela Schoen-Founder &CEO

By subcontracting your HR, you can extensively trim down your HR & admin tasks and take the weight off your shoulders. Trust our HR professional experts to take care of any HR issues you have, and enjoy focusing on what matters to you. Are you thinking of hiring/recruiting? Tap here for personalised solutions