Executive Search In Uganda, Kenya & Rwanda

The success of any organization, and the achievement of business goals and objectives is greatly influenced by the quality of leadership executives retained. However, talented professionals are in extremely high demand today, with every employer seeking to attract and retain the same talent pool.

When it comes to executive search recruitment, the wrong hiring decision can be extremely expensive. How do you know the candidate you have selected for hire is the right candidate? How do you know they will perform at the level required to achieve your business objectives?

Executive search recruitment is the most effective strategy for attracting Senior Management and Business Leaders. Oasis HR has invested in scientifically tested search assessment strategies critical in identifying levels of competencies in executive candidates. Our thorough and highly professional approach to Executive Search ensures that our clients only get to appoint the most suitable candidate for the role; candidates with the right personalities to support our clients’ corporate strategy, organizational culture and business values.

Looking To Recruit & Hire A Top Quality Executive Staff(s)?

We have a proven experience, knowledge and reach to help your business identify talented executives and senior management in any of the East African countries majorly Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

 Our search methodologies are customized to meet your unique business challenges and with the single aim of stimulating interest from the right talent pool of top performers.
  How we do it ?
  1. Understanding and communicating your Employer Brand
  2. Headhunting and leveraging our networks and database
  3. Competency Based Interview
  4. Personality profiling
  5. Background Validation

Personality Profiling Assessments

To ensure you make the right hiring decision, we use personality profiling tools that offer efficient, understandable and scientific insights into the personality of a candidate in a contemporary business. These assessments also offer guidance on more incisive interview questions as well as the identification of personality development goals that you can support by coaching and mentoring.

Gaining deeper insights into the personality of the top three candidates within the recruitment process to inform the hiring decision cannot be over-emphasized.

Our Lead Executive Search Consultant is deeply experienced and qualified to administer personality profiling assessments and will provide you with objective and scientific evidence of the competencies and underlying profile analysis of candidates shortlisted for Executive positions.

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