Our Corporate Trainings

Are you looking for a motivated, safeguarded, equipped, enabled and informed team to render the unmatched performance that elevates and maintains your company at the peak of competition? Look no further…Oasis HR is here to offer you all the needed solutions.

HR Policies

To Develop & Implement HR Policies & Procedures-Are you a professional working in the HR department who is directly responsible for developing HR Policies and Procedures?

Labour Laws

Practical Labour Laws Training.-Do you want to develop and implement the best labour practices to reduce legal liability and costs arising from ineffective and non-compliant workplace practices?

Customer Relationship

Are your customers singing your praises — or warning friends to stay away? Do they feel highly replaceable or highly valued? Is your company making customers or simply making sales?

Sales Skills

Is this your sales force? I have been avoiding them. They are quite aggressive and when you stop to listen and ask questions, they don’t even answer you! Empower Your Team To Perform; impress & close deals.

Leadership Management

Practical leadership & management skills training. Whether you are a business owner, manager or a newly promoted supervisor, learn to lead with confidence & get the best from individuals and your team members.

Performance Management

Do you want to effectively manage the performance of employees for retention and successful achievement of the organization’s strategic and operational objectives within set timelines?