How-To: Y2K Butterfly Nails


Nail technician and artist Milly Mac (@by_millimac) shares her tutorial for creating butterfly nail art.
Nail technician and artist Milly Mac (@by_millimac) shares her tutorial for creating butterfly nail art.
Courtesy of Milli Mac

Y2K trends have made a comeback, encouraging fashion and trend-savvy individuals to experiment with bold, playful and maximalist patterns and styles. Of course, these trends have found their way into the nail world! There's plenty of opportunities for creative freedom in this trend, but we want to shout out a recurring symbol that encompasses Y2K unlike any other: butterflies! 

Perfect for spring, this nail trend will leave your client's hearts fluttering! Here, Nail technician and artist Milli Mac (@by_millimac) shares a tutorial to create butterfly nail art that looks like it's soaring right off the nail! 

How-To: Butterfly nail art by Milli MacButterfly nail art by Milli MacCourtesy of Milli Mac

  1. Prep the nails and infill the client's BIAB overlay. 
  2. Mac applied a pastel purple as the base color, but shares that this design looks stunning with any color or even sheer! 
  3. After applying your base color, apply a top coat. 
  4. Then, rub a sheer, iridescent chrome to get a gorgeous shimmery base before painting the wings! 
  5. Use a thick, pigmented black and white gel to create the butterfly wings. 
  6. Finish with a shiny top coat to complete the look. 

Millli Mac is a nail technician and artist. She is the co-owner of Pink Promise Nail Studio in Birmingham, England, specializing in BIAB and hand-painted nail art. You can follow her @by_millimac to see more of her nail art.

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