How to Use a Claw Clip in Textured Hair
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Nostalgia has been reigning all year, and no accessory has made a bigger comeback than the claw clip. A claw clip, as its name implies, is a hair accessory that comes in the shape of a claw. Made from plastic, silicone, or metal, they are also called hair jaws, hair claws, or hair claw clips. The clip comprises two claws held together by a spring that makes it easy for them to open and snap close with a firm grip. The edges of the clip are smooth and, as such, do not tug or pull out your hair, nor do they cause pain when their teeth are clasped onto the hair.

Although usually large, they can also come in mini and medium sizes. Due to their bold look, the large ones can function as a lone hair accessory without any extras. They’re easy to use, and you can create a variety of hairstyles with them, like buns, updos, twists, etc. Their versatility makes it easy to go from a casual to a chic look, depending on the type of clip you use and how you style them in your hair. Although claw clips work with nearly all hair lengths, for short hair, a bit of talent is required to use them on the hair effectively.

How to Use a Claw Clip in Textured Hair
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If you’re new to the claw clip trend, we’re going to break down simple and easy ways you can use them to create your next enviable style in just a few steps.

How to Use a Claw Clip in Four Easy Steps

What you need:

Step One: Start With Pre-Stretched Hair

How to Use a Claw Clip in Textured Hair
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Pre-stretched hair is hair that has been stretched out, thus reducing shrinkage to a minimum and making it easier for you to work with. For naturals, the advice is to use heatless methods to stretch your hair, as heat curling tools can cause heat damage to your hair. These heatless methods include putting your hair into four or more large braids, twists, and tying with wool or African thread, among others.

Step Two: Section Hair

Run the tail of the rattail comb to create a neat vertical middle part, starting from the hairline and stopping a few inches away from the middle part of the head. Section the hair horizontally in the middle from where the middle part stopped (that is, from ear to ear) and tie the hair in the middle in a puff. Also, make sure to section the back of the hair in a horizontal part, but instead of tying it, leave it loose.

Step Three: Sleek Hair Down or Wear it Loose

How to Use a Claw Clip in Textured Hair
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Spritz your hair with water from the spray bottle, apply the hair gel to the hair on both sides of the middle part in front, and sleek it down with the hair brush. Brush all the way to the back. For short hair, you’ll have to braid in cornrows on both sides, from the middle part all the way to the back, to keep them laid down. Roll (or braid or twist) the ends of the hair together with the loose hair at the back and secure them to the puff with the claw clip.

Step Four: Put The Finishing Touches

How to Use a Claw Clip in Textured Hair
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Lay your edges with the edges brush and gel for a perfect finish. You can also spray hair shine for that extra glossy look and good smell.

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