How to Maintain Heatless Curls This Season
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Heatless curls are the rave of the season and little wonder as they require zero heat to create, which is necessary for keeping heat-damaged hair at bay. However, it can be disappointing and frustrating when one day, your curls are popping, and after just one night of sleep, they’ve lost their pattern. Knowing how to maintain them to keep them looking their best and holding them in shape for longer days is thus of utmost importance. The good news is you will not have to do much or buy new products or tools when it comes to this, as the maintenance routine for heatless curls is on the low side.

Daily Maintenance For Heatless Curls

1. Oil Your Curls

These curls will need oiling to keep them refreshed. To oil them, apply a few drops of your favorite essential or carrier hair oil on your palm, rub them together, and gently massage them into your curls, carefully following the curl pattern. Oils also help to revive (and enhance) the appearance of your curls, taking them from dull-looking to shiny, happy curls.

2. Fluff With Your Fingers

How to Maintain Heatless Curls This Season
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A bedhead is something that happens to everyone. For clarity, a bed head is a hair flattened to one or more sides of the head due to the head being laid on the pillow during sleep. While it is completely normal to have them, they do mess up your curls, keeping them shrunken and mussed, which is not a very good look to carry for the day. To get rid of this, after oiling your hair or while oiling your hair, use your fingers to gently lift and fluff the curls, making sure to follow the curl pattern. Doing this will raise those curls flattened to the sides of your head, thus restoring them to their original bouncy glory.

3. Lift The Roots

The whole purpose of lifting the roots of the hair is to give it (the appearance of) more volume. To do this, you’ll need a pick comb. You may also choose to oil the teeth of the comb so that they glide smoothly through. Gently push the pick comb into the roots of your hair and lift just as gently. Repeat this all over.

4. Spray Your Curls

This is optional, but if you want your curls to smell good and you want that extra shine, then you should spray them with a good amount of hair spray.

Nighttime Maintenance For Heatless Curls

The nighttime maintenance for heatless curls does not require much. However, you need the right maintenance step, which can help you minimize having a bed head and losing some of your curl patterns. The best way to do this is through the pineapple method. The pineapple method involves pulling your hair up and tying it in a loose ponytail, thus giving it the resemblance of a pineapple-like look.

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If your hair is on the thick (and long) side, you can split it in two — one in front and one at the back or one on the right and one on the left side of the head. When you’re done, wrap a satin or silk scarf around the perimeter of your head, and voila, you’re done. If you don’t have a scarf, you can cover your hair in a silk or satin bonnet for the night.

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