An Affordable 20-Piece Old Money Capsule Wardrobe


Old Money Capsule Wardrobe

This post will show you how to assemble an Old Money capsule wardrobe with the essential pieces for achieving the aesthetic.

If you’ve been reading CF lately, you know about the viral Old Money fashion aesthetic, also known as Quiet Luxury or Stealth Wealth: outfits that look classic, refined, and, well, rich.

With style icons like Princess Diana and Sofia Richie Grainge as inspiration, we’re talking about outfits you’d imagine fitting in at country clubs, fancy restaurants, or luxe vacation spots like the Hamptons or the English countryside.

Though the Old Money aesthetic is a current “trend,” it’s really all about timeless clothing rather than trendy clothing; think quality over quantity.

Because of this, the Old Money aesthetic is ideal for building a capsule wardrobe around since its signature elements are pieces that won’t ever go out of style. By investing in a few classic, quality pieces, you’ll be amazed at how many different looks you’ll be able to create and how easy this will make getting dressed every day!

When curating your Old Money capsule wardrobe, consider the following:

  • Neutral colors like cream, beige, taupe, navy blue, black, and white
  • Classic silhouettes and clean lines
  • Elevated materials like silk, wool, tweed, and leather
  • Refined prints like houndstooth or subtle plaid, stripes, and polka dots
  • Elegant, minimal accessories, including delicate jewelry and sunglasses in classic shapes
  • Avoid loud logos, prints, colors, and overly-revealing silhouettes

What are the essential pieces for an Old Money capsule wardrobe?

Ready to build your own Old Money capsule wardrobe?

Let’s break down the essentials that you’ll need to cultivate the perfect capsule wardrobe.


As with most capsule wardrobes, tops are usually going to be the largest category, especially since they are seasonal (more on that later).

You’ll want to start with a crisp white button-down shirt like this one, which is arguably one of the most classic items anyone could own. It can be styled in a ton of different ways, works in multiple seasons, is a great layering piece, and won’t ever go out of fashion. Satin blouses and striped button-downs are good options, as well.

Speaking of stripes, consider adding a striped sweater or cardigan to your collection for a pop of print; this striped pullover sweater from Lulus has a prep school feel thanks to its collared design.

During chillier seasons, you’ll want to have a slim-fitting turtleneck sweater or bodysuit in a neutral color (we love this taupe sweater bodysuit from Abercrombie), which you’ll easily be able to dress up or down.

No capsule wardrobe would be complete without a basic white t-shirt, but since we are talking Quiet Luxury, opt for a slim-fitting t-shirt like this double-layered one made from a thick, luxe, contour fabric.


When it comes to bottoms, you’ll find that you don’t need as many tops to create an array of looks — so long as you pick the right pieces.

Some tailored trousers are a definite must-have, like this beige pleated straight-leg pair made from a luxe wool blend. They have a timeless, sophisticated look that can be worn day or night, both in professional and social settings.

Next up, a mini skirt featuring a refined plaid print will add a feminine element to the mix. This one from Mango is super affordable. Plus, it will pair perfectly with both pumps and chunky loafers, making it surprisingly versatile.

Jeans are a key piece in every wardrobe, but for an Old Money vibe, opt for a pair in a dark blue or black wash with an elevated fit (this pair features an A-line, wide-leg silhouette). Choose a darker wash to make them appear more polished, and be sure to avoid rips, holes, or exaggerated distressing.


In addition to keeping you warm, the right outerwear can really bring your outfits together and give them extra polish.

It doesn’t get more classic than a beige trench coat — trends come and go, but trench coats are forever! This chic one from H&M is ideal for the spring and fall seasons and makes just about any outfit look instantly chic.

For chillier weather, opt for a long wool-blend coat in a neutral hue like taupe brown, gray, or black. The length and structure of this Zara coat make it look high-end, so it works with both casual and dressy looks.

Tweed is a material that screams “Old Money,” so a collarless tweed jacket with gold buttons will give your outfits a Chanel-inspired look. The same goes for a sweater jacket like this striped one, which looks more refined than your average cardigan.


Let’s not forget about dresses! You can’t go wrong with classic silhouettes like A-line, shift, shirt, and wrap dresses.

Like the classic button-down shirt, a shirt dress with the same button front and collar detail looks polished. I love this Abercrombie one for its timeless blue and white striped pattern.

Since the Old Money aesthetic centers around neutral colors and refined pieces, your dresses should be classic rather than overly trendy, colorful, or boldly printed.

A simple crewneck rib knit midi dress in a subdued hue like gray is a good option for your capsule wardrobe. This one from Dynamite can be dressed up with pumps and a long coat or worn casually with white low-top sneakers.

And, of course, everyone needs a trusty LBD in their closet, so opt for a black dress with an A-line silhouette that is universally flattering and won’t go out of style. This chic one from Anthropologie is under $150.

Shoes & Accessories

Accessories are a major key to elevating your ensembles and making them look more luxe, and luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

While this brown structured bag with gold metal detailing looks designer, it’s actually under $50 and will complement almost all of the pieces within the capsule wardrobe.

Another way to look luxe? Try some statement stud earrings like these vintage-inspired gold ridge earrings. (Heirloom jewelry is a keystone of the Old Money aesthetic.)

And forget the designer monogram belts: a simple, sleek belt in brown or black (this affordable one comes in both colors) totally embodies Stealth Wealth.

No shoe is more versatile than these simple white low-top sneakers, so they are the best casual option for an Old Money wardrobe.

For a slightly more polished shoe, add in some loafers; this patent brown pair features a classy gold buckle detail and plaid interior lining, with chunky lug soles for a modern upgrade.

Don’t forget some chic sunglasses in a neutral hue and rectangular or oval shape. These affordable H&M ones will add a glam touch to any look.

Optional Investment Pieces

Obviously, Old Money and Quiet Luxury sound like they involve expensive items, but as I’ve demonstrated in this post, that doesn’t have to be the case — everything so far has been under $200!

However, if you’re ready to invest in some higher-quality pieces, here are my recommendations for what to splurge on.

A well-tailored blazer (or a full suit) is a solid investment, as it’s something you’ll be able to wear for years to come. This double-breasted blazer is expertly tailored with a nipped-in waist and features an upscale wool-blend material and gold crest buttons for a luxe look. Whether you wear it to the office or casually with jeans and sneakers, it’s a forever piece.

Leather shoes and accessories are another area to invest in, like a quality leather tote bag or structured handbag, which you’ll be able to use on a daily basis. This stunning leather tote from Madewell is durable and will go with everything in your closet for years to come.

Plus, leather just looks elevated, which is why some nude leather pumps in a classic shape are a key item for upgrading your looks, as well. These Sam Edelman pumps are beloved for their comfort, and their pointy-toe design is timeless.

Investing in sophisticated jewelry that you’ll be able to wear for decades is also a good idea. Options include an elegant pearl necklace or studs, a gold chain necklace, or a signet ring.

Putting It All Together

Old Money Capsule Example Outfits

Now for the fun part: creating wearable Old Money outfits!

By sticking to one general, neutral color palette, you’ll be able to mix and match nearly everything to create a ton of different looks.

Whether you’re going for a casual yet refined look with jeans and a cardigan or a polished, office-friendly look, you’ll be able to put together an outfit for every occasion while sticking to the Old Money aesthetic.

And since a capsule wardrobe features a limited number of items, you won’t be faced with decision fatigue from having to choose from too many clothing options; fewer choices actually make getting dressed easier, believe it or not!

The graphic above features a few of my ideas but the options are truly endless!

Layering & Versatility

Old Money Capsule Layering

Don’t forget about layering your capsule wardrobe items to create all-new looks!

For example, you could layer the shift dress over your white button-down shirt to make it more suitable for the fall and winter, as shown above.

When it’s a bit warmer outside, you can also drape a cardigan sweater over your shoulders when wearing a simple t-shirt to add a pop of print or color to your outfit — there’s something about tying a cardigan around your shoulders that gives off a preppy country club vibe, making it oh-so Old Money.

Seasonal Considerations

Old Money Capsule Seasonal Accessories

Products: Hat, Sunglasses, Sandals, Scarf, Boots

So what happens when a new season rolls around? Well, you can easily adapt your capsule wardrobe to any with the addition of a few seasonal items.

For example, in the summer, you’ll want to swap out your knitwear for lighter fabric tops like linen and cotton and add in some stylish flat leather square-toe sandals in a neutral brown shade. These brown sandals will give you the Hermes look on a budget.

This straw wide-brim hat with a grosgrain band will keep you shielded from the sun, while these $15 oval sunglasses have a classic look to them.

In the wintertime, trade your sandals in for these chic knee-high dress boots, and bundle up with this neutral-colored scarf to complement your outerwear.

Personalization & Care

Want to add a personal touch to your capsule wardrobe?

Try adding in some heirloom pieces or vintage finds — this is *Old* Money we are talking about, after all!

A vintage handbag or a necklace passed onto you by a family member will add personality to your outfits.

And though we discussed investment pieces, I’d argue that tailoring is one of the best investments of all. By having a tailor customize your clothing to ensure a perfect fit, you’ll feel extra confident in your individualized pieces.

Also, be sure to follow care labels accordingly to ensure that you properly care for your clothing to make it last longer; high-end fabrics like cashmere, wool, and leather can require a bit more attention, but they are worth it in the long run!

What do you think of our Old Money capsule wardrobe guide?

What do you think of the Old Money fashion aesthetic? Would you wear these Quiet Luxury clothing items? Leave a comment and let us know!





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