7 Ways to Waterproof Your Spring Look Under $50


7 Ways to Waterproof Your Spring Look Under $50

It’s raining today and I’m worried about my baby blue trench coat. The coat is gorgeous and perfectly stylish for spring — but also not very practical, because it’s not waterproof.

That brings me to the broader style topic to solve today: How to waterproof your spring style. Below I cover the waterproofing options every fashionista should know, ordered from ultra-cheap to no more than $50. Because soggy is never in style.

Woman standing out in rain with umbrella.
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Before I dive in, there’s one caveat. The stay-dry hacks below are best-suited for short exposures to rain — situations like running from the car to the front door or getting caught in a downpour just as you’re leaving the supermarket. If your lifestyle puts you in more extreme conditions, such as you might see sportfishing during an epic storm, invest in heavy-duty pieces from Stormline or a similar brand. The items below aren’t made for that type of weather.

Waterproof eyeliner ($4)

Budget brand favorite e.l.f. has a $4 waterproof eyeliner that’s also vegan. It’s a no-brainer buy for spring. Without this stuff, bad weather or a sad movie can turn your best beauty look into a freak show.

Scotchgard ($10)

Scotchgard is the simplest waterproofing solution for fashion. Simply test an inside area, then spray, dry, and go. It smells a little rank coming out of the can, but Scotchgard dries odorless and colorless. It’s also safe to use on many fabrics, including silk, wool, and canvas.

After application, Scotchgard repels water without changing the feel or drape of the fabric. That may not keep you fully dry in a downpour, but it certainly will reduce the likelihood of getting water stains on your favorite pieces.

If you’re wondering why I’ve not Scotchgarded my blue trench coat…truth is, I used all my Scotchgard waterproofing horse blankets. As soon I as restock my supply, which will probably happen with my next Amazon order, I’ll be on it.

Waterproof bucket hat ($14)

You can protect your tresses from the ravages of rain with a cute waterproof bucket hat. The compact shape is reminiscent of a cloche hat, which is about as stylish as hats get. Durio’s waterproof bucket hat shown here has UPF 50 so you can wear it to the beach on sunny days, too. It’s also packable, which is a nice perk if you have trips planned.

Waterproof crossbody pack ($15)

Keep your phone protected no matter what with this handy waterproof crossbody pack. The bag is made of waterproof leather so it has a sleek, luxe look — while being very practical too.

The bag measures 14 by 5.6 by 3 inches, so it’s not tiny. It’ll probably hold your phone, wallet, keys, a lipstick, and travel-size sunblock. You know, the essentials. And if you can’t part with your tote bag, fill this pack up and pop the whole thing in your tote. That way you’ll know your phone is protected in a downpour.

Choose from blue, black, green, or gray.

Inverted umbrella ($17)

It’s about time someone innovated the umbrella. This one folds inside out. That means you can open the umbrella as you exit the car, vs. getting out and standing in the rain while you open a traditional umbrella. Also, when you close the inverted umbrella, tthe water stays on the inside. No dripping all over the floor.

Once it’s dry, you can hang the umbrella from the hook on the handle for easy storage.

Choose from 11 pretty, spring-themed designs. The patterns are on the inside of the umbrella — for your benefit — while the outside is traditional black.

Cute packable rain jacket ($50 on sale)

On casual days, a lightweight waterproof rain jacket in a cute color is all you need. Slip this number from Outdoor Ventures on over jeans or joggers to stay dry. Even better, it’s packable, so you can stash it in your tote for emergencies.

There are 14 colors available, but I love this teal/blue. It’s different enough to tell the world you don’t settle for any old rain jacket.

Mid-length rain jacket ($46)

On the days you need to step up your game, a mid-thigh length, A-line rain jacket is the right choice. This one by BBX Lephsnt is dressy enough to fit in over your work attire, or even a dress for date night. It’s also lined which adds an extra layer of warmth.

Amazon shoppers say this jacket held up well in the rain, fits true to size, and is a good value.

Stay dry in style this spring

A few key pieces can keep your look dry and fresh this spring, even if you live in Seattle or Hawaii. If you had to narrow this list down to one must-have, get the Scotchgard to protect your clothes, shoes, and bags from water stains. The $10 investment will be well worth it.





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