20 Old Money Shoes for Those Quiet Luxury Vibes


Old Money shoes

Have you been looking to upgrade your wardrobe this year? Old money shoes are the place to start.

You may have heard the term “old money” before. But, if you have never shopped this trend before, you may be wondering what exactly it entails.

Today, I’ll break it down.

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There’s an old money shoe style for everyone. Winter mood? Think chic riding boots. Feeling more of a sun-kissed vibe? Leather sandals or ballet flats have got you covered.

To help you visualize, I have compiled a list of the 20 best old-money shoes that will give your closet a sophisticated vibe!

Best Old Money Shoes

1. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are perfect if you want comfortable shoes to wear for professional or fancy occasions.

Ballet flats will go perfectly with any work outfit. You can also wear them if you are going to a fancy dinner or event.

You can even add them to your everyday looks. They’re especially trendy with wide- or straight-leg jeans this year.

2. Riding Boots

If you live somewhere cold or if you just want some classic boots for your outfits, you need some riding boots!

Riding boots are an old-money staple thanks to their equestrian connection. But even if you don’t ride horses, you’ll look amazing in these boots.

Pair them with everything from straight-leg jeans to mini skirts and tights for an old money vibe.

3. Heeled Loafers

Loafers are always popular shoes, but this season, you can get a trendy old money vibe with high-heeled loafers.

Heeled loafers like these cream ones will make any outfit look chic and fancy.

Bonus points if you pair them with a monochromatic cream look for an extra expensive feel!

4. Strappy Heels

Strappy heels are another great old money shoe for fancier events.

The whole idea of old money is something simple, well-made, and not showy. These minimal heels in a low height are a perfect fit for the vibe.

These are so classic that you’ll wear them for decades to come, and they’ll always be in style.

5. Loafer Slides

Loafer slides are a great option if you want a shoe that’s less basic than a loafer but still classic.

You will be able to wear these shoes for everyday activities while still giving off that chic and sophisticated vibe that you are going for!

And did I mention the comfort factor? Loafer slides feel like you’re wearing slippers every day.

6. Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are another common type of shoe that gives off an old-money feel.

You have probably seen men’s boat shoes before, but women’s boat shoes are trending more and more these days.

The boat shoes above are suede, so not exactly practical for nautical adventures, however if you love the look and want something chic for your work or casual looks, these are the shoes for you.

7. Leather Slide Sandals

The famous Hermes Oran Sandals are a hallmark of the old money aesthetic, but you don’t have to spend upwards of $700 to get the look!

This style of sandal is now available at every price point and in every color imaginable.

I particularly love these white ones, which will look so chic with a linen dress or trousers!

8. Kitten Heel

Say you are going to a professional event or a fancy event, but you don’t want to rock a super high heel.

If you want an old-money vibe, you should go for a kitten heel.

Black pointed-toe kitten heels like these will be a staple in your wardrobe, and you can use them to dress up any casual look while still staying comfy.

9. Chelsea Boots

If you’re looking for the perfect mid-calf boots to wear with our everyday outfits, try these Chelsea boots!

Chelsea boots come in a million colors and styles these days, but for an old money feel, go for a sleek style with minimal detailing.

These black and brown Chelsea boots from Sam Edelman are super classic while also having a slightly trendy chunky heel.

10. Minimal Strappy Sandals

Another old money shoe option for the summer months is a strappy, minimal sandal like this one!

Strappy sandals are always in style and will go with basically any outfit for your everyday looks.

Just make sure to prioritize quality materials like leather and, once again, minimal detailing. Simple is best!

If you want to spice up your strappy sandals, choose a pair in a bold color like these coral ones.

11. Slingback Heel

If you are a fan of kitten heels, then you might also like these slingback heels.

Slingback heels have a fancy vibe that’s one part ’90s businesswoman, one part modern fashion girl.

If you are going to a fancy event, you could pair these shoes with a cute dress or pants to create a chic look.

12. Cap-Toe Pumps

Another common old money-inspired shoe is the cap-toe shoe!

In case you aren’t familiar, cap toe refers to when the tip of the shoe is a different color than the rest, as seen on these heels.

Cap-toe shoes oftentimes come in a ballet flat style (Chanel’s flats are a favorite of the old money set), but we like the heel version for a bit of added interest.

13. Classic Loafers

Loafers are also classic “old money” style shoes that you can use for lots of different outfits.

And, if you want something a little trendier that still has old money vibes, go for these chunky loafers.

Loafers will give you the sophisticated look that you want for your everyday outfits, while a chunky loafer will make you look very of-the-moment.

14. Slingback Ballet Flat

If you like ballet flats but want something more fun to pair with your fancy outfits, I suggest going for a slingback ballet flat!

A slingback ballet flat will add a sophisticated look to your outfits while also making them stand out a bit more.

Everybody loves a good ballet flat, but these slingback ballet flats have a dressier vibe that you’ll love.

15. Espadrilles

If you like to wear comfy shoes in the summer months but want something fancier than flat sandals, look no further than the Espadrille.

These are my favorite types of old money summer shoes because they look adorable with almost any outfit and are so comfy for everyday activities.

So, with these sandals, you will have an adorable and chic shoe to add to any everyday outfit to complete your look!

16. Pointed Heel

If you are dressing for something very fancy, you may be trying to find the perfect heel to complete your chic outfits.

If so, then you should consider a classy pointed-toe heel.

There is something about a pointed heel that always makes it look super classy and chic.

And, with these heels, you will be getting a beige and silver color combo that will also add to the elegant look of the heels.

These shoes are a great old money-inspired option for your next ultra-fancy event.

17. Heeled Ankle Boots

While stiletto heels might not be what you associate with the old money aesthetic, a sleek pair of boots with minimal detailing checks many old money boxes.

If you like high heels but want something a little bit classier and old-money-inspired, go for these sleek Michael Kors boots in white.

Again, rock them with a white or cream monochrome outfit for an expensive feel.

18. Driving Loafer

If you want comfy and casual shoes for everyday outfits, you should consider a pair of driving loafers.

These shoes, which are a more casual take on the classic loafer, will be perfect if you’re looking for something comfy to rock with your favorite jeans to class or a casual office.

19. Knee-High Heeled Boots

If you are a fan of boots, you may also be interested in adding knee-high boots to your chic outfits!

Knee-high heeled boots will give you that old-money elegant look that you are going for (think Taylor Swift vibes) and will look great when paired with jeans or even a cute skirt or mini dress.

20. Mary Jane Pump

One of my favorite trendy yet old money-inspired shoes is the Mary Jane pump!

You have probably seen Mary Janes before, but you may not have seen them with a heel.

Mary Jane pumps like these look adorable when added to any outfit and will definitely give you the cute and preppy look that you are going for.

Which of these old money shoes will you be adding to your wardrobe?

What shoes do you like to wear with your chic outfits? Which shoes from this list are your favorite?





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