Zendaya Continued Her Goth Streak With a Vampy Makeup Moment


If we had to choose just one individual capable of mastering any outfit or aesthetic, Zendaya would undoubtedly be the choice. Whether she’s embracing a campy, Cinderella-themed ensemble at the Met Gala, exuding classic elegance on the red carpet, or epitomizing the quintessential cool girl, her presence is always intensely captivating.

As if confirming our belief that she can embody any look, since arriving in Paris for Couture Fashion Week, Zendaya has been experimenting with bold, sci-fi-inspired outfits that have completely redefined our expectations of her style. Perhaps drawing inspiration from her role in the anticipated dystopian sequel of Dune, or the edgy revivalist wave that’s in vogue, she initially debuted goth-glam blunt bangs and matching garb at the Schiaparelli show, and most recently, she’s been channeling vampy allure at Fendi.

Zendaya at the Feni Haute Couture show with blunt bangs and vampy wine-red makeup and clothes

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For the fashion house’s Haute Couture show, Zendaya arrived with her superstar stylist, Law Roach, in a wine-red ensemble that continued from her dress to her eyes.

Though the entire look is already becoming the most talked about thing on the internet, the makeup that sat under her freshly debuted blunt bangs captivated us the most.

More edgy than we are used to from the star, her makeup started with a perfected base. Z’s skin was glowy with sculpting on her cheeks and a cool-toned red blush. The lips were the focal point of the glam, popping from the rest of her look with a two-toned plump finish—starting with a dark red liner then filled in with a glossy, lighter red. The theme continued onto her eyes, which were dusted with a darker, red-tinged neutral that was blended out to her blush. Eyeliner and dark lashes added a touch of definition.

Zendaya at the Feni Haute Couture show with blunt bangs and vampy wine-red makeup and clothes

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Her hair kept with the edgy chicness of her makeup. As mentioned, she kept her new micro bangs alive for Fendi. This time, instead of pin-straight hair, she paired them with a sleek ballerina bun. Zendaya pulled all her hair back into a perfectly slicked bun by her neck—all without a hair out of place, except, of course, the bangs.

Her dress tied everything together. A halter top and off-the-shoulder combination; there was a criss-cross-like feel to the neckline. However, once getting past the chest, it was even, tight fitting, and uniform all the way down to the floor—bringing the ribbed, maroon fabric into a small trailing train and long sleeves.





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