Olivia Rodrigo Brought Old Hollywood Glam to the 2024 Grammys


Isn’t it incredible that Olivia Rodrigo has only been part of our Grammy seasons for three years? In 2022, the emerging star, fresh from the FYP (For You Page), clinched three awards while sporting a face adorned with Glossier products. The following year, she made a stunning appearance on the red carpet in a sheer black slip dress, paired with understated makeup and her iconic sleek, middle-parted hairstyle.

Now, with her sophomore album «GUTS» released and her 21st birthday approaching, the former Disney star is gearing up for another milestone in her career: embracing full old Hollywood-inspired glam.

Stepping onto the red carpet for the 2024 Grammy Awards on February 4th, the six-time nominee and performer debuted an ombré red lip and subtle winged black eyeliner. Rather than opting for a grunge-inspired look (perhaps saving that for her performance?), Rodrigo delved into the Versace archives, selecting a vintage cream gown embellished with crystals. Stylist Danielle Goldberg reportedly spotted the 1995 gown, originally worn by Linda Evangelista, and immediately knew it was the perfect choice for her client’s classic beauty aesthetic.

Olivia Rodrigo at the 2024 Grammys

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Aside from a fun lip or sweep of purple shadow, Rodrigo has never been one to over dramatize the red carpet. She likes her hair down and her eyeliner black—and tonight was no exception. This time, her dark brown locks had a sweet curl to them, styled in a side-part and tucked behind one ear. «For Olivia’s Grammys glam, we wanted to do something classic that would stand the test of time,» says her hairstylist, Clayton Hawkins. «The inspo was classic Olivia, with an old Hollywood twist.»

«My Dyson Supersonic blowdryer ($429) was crucial for today,» says Hawkins of the look. «The weather was not on our side so a good foundational blow dry is SUPER important. My Velcro rollers also really came in handy for setting her hair and side part.» He adds that for her perfomance look, he switched her side part to the center so her hair stayed out of her face.

As for makeup—done by Melissa Hernandez—besides the pout (candy apple red in the middle, seamlessly transitioning to a cherry, and then a carmine), the look was typical Rodrigo; I’d know those brows anywhere.

Olivia Rodrigo at the 2024 Grammys

Nail artist Yoko Sakakura tackled her manicure, choosing a pale pink shade for the event. «A perfect all-American Grammys nominee!» wrote the manicurist in her Instagram story.

For a girl who wrote the song «Love is Embarrassing,» the look is mighty Valentine-y. You know those vintage cards that always circled on Tumblr? To: the world. Love: Olivia Rodrigo.





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