Kirsten Dunst Wore a «Cool Girl» Red Lip and Glowing Skin to the Oscars


At the 2024 Oscars, attendees showcased one of two distinct styles on the red carpet. There was the immersive character dressing, exemplified by Florence Pugh’s Dune-themed, waterdrop-adorned ensemble and Ariana Grande’s outfit inspired by Glinda the Good Witch. On the other side of the spectrum stood the pure, classic Hollywood glamour, as seen on Margot Robbie, Zendaya, and Kirsten Dunst.

On March 10, Dunst graced the red carpet of the 2024 Academy Awards. Although not nominated herself, her husband, Jesse Plemons, was celebrated for his role in the highly acclaimed Killers of the Flower Moon. To honor her husband’s achievements, she arrived in style, complete with a classic red lip.

Apart from her makeup, Dunst’s look was understated, classic, and entirely white. She donned a fitted Gucci gown with delicate spaghetti straps and a back slit running up the floor-length skirt. The gown’s hue was just a few shades lighter than her bright blonde hair, which matched her silver strappy heels and diamond earrings perfectly.

Although her outfit exuded timeless elegance, it was her makeup that truly captivated the audience. Celebrity makeup artist Melanie Inglessis shared with Byrdie that the inspiration came from her «simple yet chic Gucci dress,» which amplified the look’s «cool girl» vibe. They decided on «gorgeous skin, a soft smoky eye, and a red lip» to complete the ensemble.Though the lips were the centerpiece of the look, Inglessis started off the process by prepping Dunst’s skin for a luminous base. «Key products for a great make up is always good skin,» says Inglessis, who used all Danucera products to prep for the look.  First, she applied Danucera’s multi-purpose Cerabalm ($95) to the actor’s skin for cleansing and hydration, then removed it with a warm cloth. Next, she used the brand’s D22 Tonic ($88), applying it in an upward motion to stimulate, firm, and exfoliate the skin, creating a radiant glow. She then applied the Iconic Eye ($145) beneath the eyes for moisture, and pampered Kirsten with a facial massage using Cream Supreme ($195), leaving her skin moisturized, luminous, and prepped for makeup.»With the skin ready, makeup application began. To minimize imperfections and enhance Dunst’s skin, Inglessis blended two complexion products. She combined Gucci Beauty Luminous Matte Foundation ($69) with Danessa Myricks Yummy Skin Glow Serum ($34), a liquid highlighter, and applied it with a rose water-soaked Beauty Blender. This technique, her favorite, ensures a flawless finish without any streaks or marks.

Next, she applied the striking red lipstick that caught our attention, Lisa Eldridge’s Velveteen Liquid Lipstick in Ribbon ($36). She also added a warm flush to the cheeks using Patrick Ta’s crème and powder blush duo ($38) in the shade Just Enough.

Before Dunst set off for the carpet, Inglessis groomed her brows and added a bit more Cerabalm to her collarbones and cheekbones to enhance the natural glow.





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