Kim Kardashian Is Bringing Back Her Fan-Favorite Lip Liners With a New and Improved Formula


On August 1, 2021, the beauty industry was forever altered. Kim Kardashian announced the closure of her KKW Beauty brand and the discontinuation of all its products. As one of the pioneering celebrity beauty brands, launched in 2017 just after her sister Kylie’s brand, she set the trend for modern beauty giants like Rare Beauty and Rhode. Over four years, KKW Beauty built a loyal following, particularly for its contour sticks and nude lip liners.

Despite the launch of her skincare line, Skkn, in 2022 following the end of KKW Beauty, fans have been clamoring for the return of her signature products three years after the brand’s closure. Some have even resorted to using their expired products, such is their attachment (though we at Byrdie advise against using expired cosmetics). The lipliners, in their perfect nude shades, were particularly missed.

Now, the wait is over as Skkn By Kim reintroduces some of KKW Beauty’s most beloved products, with the promise of more to follow. Below is all the information you need about Skkn By Kim’s foray into makeup.

The Launch

Kim Kardashian made the official announcement for Skkn’s entry into color cosmetics on January 17, after hinting at it a few days earlier with a video acknowledging the calls for a makeup comeback.

The inaugural makeup line features Kim’s trademark smoky eye and signature nude lips, looks that have become synonymous with her since her early days on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This new line, however, adopts a more skin-centric approach to makeup, reflecting her evolved beauty ethos.

In a statement, Kardashian shares that she has «recently been taking a skin-first approach towards my beauty routine. In developing Skkn By Kim Makeup, my goal was not only to create universally flattering cosmetic essentials but also to ensure that our products are clean, hydrating, comfortable, and help improve the look and feel of skin with every wear.»

She adds that just like Skkn’s skincare collection, «our makeup was inspired by the beauty secrets I’ve gathered from industry experts over the years.» All of which will be available for purchase starting January 26.
The Products
Among the three newly launched products, two are designed for the lips: the Lip Liner ($22) and the Soft Matte Lip Color ($32). Both offer full coverage, are long-lasting, and come in a minimum of ten nude shades.
The lip liner boasts a larger shade range, with 15 skin-matching hues from deep chocolate nude to light beige nude. The shades feature various undertones, including honey, pink, mauve, neutral, brown, and taupe. Customers can anticipate shades similar to their old favorites, as the brand has announced an upcoming comparison chart to KKW’s shades on Instagram, along with a formula enhancement.
«The lip liner has a smoother application. It’s all about the minor details. Being a perfectionist, I’m in the lab, trying sample after sample to ensure it’s perfect,» she revealed to WWD at the launch.
Naturally, a lip liner is best paired with a lipstick, and Skkn offers ten nude shades to complement your chosen liner. The shades, like the lip liner, vary from rich mahogany nude to light beige nude and include a range of undertones—mid-toned, rose, peach, taupe, beige, and brown. True to its name, the Soft Matte Lip Color provides a velvety matte finish that blends seamlessly with the lips.
But what is a matte nude lip without a complementary eye look? To achieve the complete Kim K look, Skkn is introducing the Classic Mattes Eyeshadow Palette ($50), featuring an ultra-lightweight formula that promises seamless blending, buildable coverage, and a crease-free application.
This new palette includes 12 diverse nude shades with different undertones, mirroring the lip products, enabling you to define, contour, and sculpt your eyes. And, as expected from a Kim K product, a matte black eyeshadow is included. The other shades span from matte deep chocolate brown to matte creamy beige.
The Skkn by Kim Makeup collection will be available for purchase at starting January 26.




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