Hailey Bieber Told Us Her Go-To Makeup Formula


2023 was the year of Hailey Bieber’s makeup trends. From her ultra-viral strawberry makeup look to latte-inspired makeup, sugar plum fairy aesthetics, and her consistent love for the glazed donut look; the world has been captivated by recreating the star’s facial styles.

We’re just weeks into the new year, yet it seems our collective fascination with Bieber is set to persist into 2024. A prime example? Her skincare brand, Rhode, has just launched its inaugural cleanser, sparking excitement across the Internet.



While telling us all about her Pineapple Refresh Cleanser, Bieber also chatted with Byrdie about her beauty goals for 2024. While explaining that she wants to experiment more with beauty this year, she revealed that she has what she calls «the Hailey formula» when it comes to makeup.

And what exactly would that be? «Things for me are always going to be very skin-forward,» she told Byrdie. «Because I’m so committed to my skincare, why wouldn’t I want that to be the center? I just don’t like covering up my skin too much. That’s why [I love] minimal concealer, minimal [makeup].»

She added that «I can always be committed to that [look], and I am, but I really would like to step outside of that comfort zone as well.» She says «a grungy ’90s [look] with no skin makeup and slept-in eyeliner» caught her attention as something fun to try. It’s not just her that loves the look either. Trends like rockstar girlfriend makeup, the office siren aesthetic, and indie sleaze revival all rely on a grunge eye look, which has only increased in popularity at the start of the year.


The grunge aesthetic perfectly reflects Bieber’s beauty motto for 2024: «Being open to trying anything, embracing more risks, and experimenting.»

So, will she swap her signature glowy, minimal makeup for a heavier look? It’s unlikely. «I’ll probably always prioritize skin,» she muses, «but I’m not opposed to playing up the eyes, trying a new lip color, or amping up the glamour. I’m not sure what form it will take, but I’m ready to explore.»

Dove Cameron has recently returned to being blonde.





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